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Wednesday, 24th of October 2012
Another day, another fantastic release by Raul. This time he has gone back to The Original Series, and he's brought the original U.S.S. Enterprise back to life using the powerful 3D modelling we have at our disposal nowadays. The resulting mesh shows a true to original Enterprise, yet in a quality and detail not seen before. Here's a shot:

Again, many thanks to Raul for making it available!

Wednesday, 12th of September 2012
Mattymanx has offered his Poser conversion of the Interceptor-class below, which is now available in the download section. Once again, thanks!

Tuesday, 11th of September 2012
Some updates and additions by Mattymanx today; his Poser conversions of Eric's Eagle-class and of Dave Charnow's Defiant have been added for download. In addition, he has updated the Voyager bridge conversion. Many thanks again to him!

Tuesday, 11th of September 2012
In addition, as promised in the forums, Cassio "Starship" has released his MAX conversion of the Interceptor class designed by Narsil and modelled in Lightwave by Mavek. Here's a shot for those who haven't seen this in the forums:

Many thanks to Cassio for making it available!

Tuesday, 14th of August 2012
Added another Poser conversion by Mattymanx today; the U.S.S. Cheyenne, originally by Jorg Gerlach. Many thanks!

Tuesday, 31st of July 2012
Mattymanx has worked his magic on the Marauder below, so this is now also available in Poser. And he's made it available here, many thanks!

Tuesday, 17th of July 2012
A long-awaited relase from the famous Raul today: The Ferengi Marauder. I think this is the only high-quality mesh of this ship out there today. Here's a teaser:

Thanks once again to Raul, for kindly releasing this mesh to the public on the STMC. He has released a low-poly version as well, for realtime rendering. Both are in OBJ format, allowing import in most 3D software. Use 3DS and/or MAX to find it on the site. Thanks Raul!

Monday, 28th of May 2012
The Defiant mesh by Dave Charnow has been updated to add one more texture file that was missing.

Tuesday, 22nd of May 2012
Today sees the release of the S.S. Valiant by VIDSFX, as you have seen it in the forums. He has created this mesh using the scarce references available, and has done an excellent job. Some more background on the work can be read in the forums. The mesh is available in MAX format, and looks as follows:

Many thanks to VIDSFX for the release! This gesture is much appreciated by the STMC :).

Friday, 18th of May 2012
Kindly offered for hosting by Dave Charnow, today sees the release of his U.S.S. Defiant mesh. It's a more detailed, LWO, version of what has been hosted here before. Here's a shot to show off what I mean:

Thanks to Dave for the release!

Thursday, 10th of May 2012
James Logan was looking for more variety in the available TOS style travelpods. So he grabbed Dave Metlesits' Galileo shuttlecraft, and kitbashed it into this travelpod style craft. This was already available at DeviantArt, and now also here:

Thanks to James for the release!

Friday, 27th of April 2012
And today... another release by Raul! He has revisited the Workbee, now changing the substructure names for more clarity, and also adding far more details. This version has the arms attached instead of the cargo train. Here's a shot:

Thanks to Raul, once more. And enjoy!

Wednesday, 11th of April 2012
Raul has released his Workbee plus cargotrain meshes, which he has optimised for animation. In this respect they may be called simple, but I would argue that they are still very accurate and advanced meshes:

Thanks again to Raul for releasing his fine work!

Wednesday, 7th of March 2012
We've already seen Rauls Travelpod in action in the animation work of Chris (if you haven't -- check it out now!). Today sees the STMC release of this mesh, created for animation work mostly:

Thanks to Raul for the release!

Monday, 13th of February 2012
Back in 2005 Steven Davis released his Magellan class mesh, and this mesh is still alive! Mattymax has once again done a conversion, and this mesh is now available for download in Poser format.
He has also converted a lot of other meshes into Poser, but hosting those has run into a delay due to me. Apologies to him and all potential users; I'll work on getting them in soon!

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