Once Again, A Thousand Thanks to Raul!!

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Once Again, A Thousand Thanks to Raul!!

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Hi EveryOne!
I just want to say again here that I am so extremely grateful and immensely thankful for the very brilliant work Raul did to bring my Enterprise-A design to life. Not only is it a mesh of hollywood standard, but Raul was so generous and kind that he built her all for free, just because he loved the design so much. If this was hollywood, it would have been worth thousands, if not millions. If it was not for Raul's immense generosity here, I would have never been able to make the wonderful films of her I am now producing with Chris Adams of HardWire Productions. Between Chris & Raul, I consider them the best CGI fan-based Trek Artist on the Planet, and without them, this would never have happened. The future is now set long-term for many more wonderful film projects to be made of her, and this winter I will be completing the interior floor-pans, about 60 percent finished now.

So immensely grateful to you Raul, and a thousand thanks to you!... "Live Long & Prosper!" :P

~ Best from Spence.....
"Actuality Is Always!"
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Re: Once Again, A Thousand Thanks to Raul!!

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Hear hear! :)
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