TMP Enterprise Flyby Octane Test

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TMP Enterprise Flyby Octane Test

Post by SparkieShock »

Hey all, this was my first Test of using Octane to render Tralfaz's Enterprise in just a quick flyby. There's actually a tonne of technical things wrong with this but even still it came out looking so beautiful I just wanted to show it off. The model is incredible .. as many of you know, and lighting it was a real chore but with Octane I love how it looks.

I made the animation in DAZ and rendered at a fairly low sample count (actually by accident .. I was aiming for higher :P).

So enjoy this somewhatshort, and amateur, but nice looking fly by. ... y.m4v?dl=0

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Re: TMP Enterprise Flyby Octane Test

Post by billy-home »

doesn't look amateur to me, lighting is spot on, movement isn't jerky at all, job well done me thinks

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Re: TMP Enterprise Flyby Octane Test

Post by Erik_Timmermans »

I absolutely agree; especially the lighting on this is great. A little ambient to make the ship visible, but at such levels that the spots and other light sources really show in a realistic manner on the ship. Nice job!

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