Video post glow effect

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Video post glow effect

Postby Chainsaw_NL » Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:23 pm

Here a short explanation how to add glow from the video post. (or watch the video

1. Rightclick on the object you want to have glow. And enter the object properties. Enter a unique id number in object id.

2. Add a camera or keep it on the viewport you want to render your image from.
3. Go to the "Rendering" tab and select video post.

4. You will get an empty queue list. Click on add scene event.
Here you can select your camera or viewport.

5. Click or to get back in the videopost queue and select "Add Image Filter Event"

6. A. Name your event
B. Select Lens Effects Glow
C. Click on setup

7. On the 1st tab enter your unique object id.

8. On the second tab you can set the size and strenght of your glow. (To preview click the VP Queue button)

You are now set up to render the image. Close the glow setup and return to the video post queue. Here you will find the render or "execute sequence" button. Make sure to select single image.

If you want to render an enitre sequence you will have to add an "Image Output Event"

On sidenote to Lens Effect Glow. If you make an animation sequence, and an object is traveling towards you, you will need to aninimate the size of the glow aswell. The size of glow you set will be the same size in every frame unless you animate it.

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Re: Video post glow effect

Postby Unusualsuspex » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:26 pm

Cool! Thanks Chainsaw, I was wondering about the video post options for glow! Cheers!

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