Converting PRometheus to Blender

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Sherlock Holmes
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Converting PRometheus to Blender

Post by Sherlock Holmes » Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:44 am

I was wondering if anyone could effectivly convert the more detailed revised version of Ed Giddings prometheus class to Blender. I try importing the 3ds version to blender, but it has a ton of deformed "Grid" wire like formations all over the hull. I would be apreciative if someone with conversion experience could passibly convert this mesh Thank you.
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Raul Mamoru
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Re: Converting PRometheus to Blender

Post by Raul Mamoru » Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:53 pm

I Exported the mesh of the Enterprise for the obj format (the most suitable format for Blender).

Everything is good: the mesh appears smooth, the diffuse maps also appear, and the specular maps need only be configured to give the necessary effect.
Now the problem: Blender does not load the self-illumination maps, although all maps are in the Maps folder, which is created automatically on export process.

Someone with experience could solve by setting the maps / textures and completes the conversion, saving a decent Blender format.

The obj file with the maps has a total of + / - 24Mb packed in Rar

Captain Harlock ... Oops! Captain Sherlock, can you help me?

P.S.: I did the same thing with U.S.S. Prometheus

The Rar file has a size of 7 Mb
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