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Type 11 Ent-E Shuttle

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:32 pm
by SteD_Rivers3d
Hey folks, hope you're all well!

Im in dire need of a decent 3ds max Type 11 Enterprise-E shuttle. I -used- to use the one from STAustralia, (didnt we all? :) ) and after that, the one up at the old DL section of scifi-meshes. But now i came to look for one again to use to properly scale, sort and create an interior for my Enceladus class shuttlebay, i can only find blender and lightwave versions online.

If anyone knows of a site ive not found or has a version they could upload, id be REALLY grateful.

Hopefully i'll finally finish these meshes (the Enceladus and Magellan) so i can finally get them to Erik to put up for download!

Thanks for listening, folks!


Re: Type 11 Ent-E Shuttle

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:35 pm
by Unusualsuspex
Steve I've got a couple of type 11's in Max format if they're any use to you?

Re: Type 11 Ent-E Shuttle

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:09 pm
by SteD_Rivers3d
That would be brilliant, Sus. Are you able to upload them to something like filefront for me (termporarily, incase the authors dont want them released)? Or would you prefer to use a messenger program to xfer the files? Either way's good for me.

Thanks again, mate. I owe you one! :) Ive been sitting there looking at the crappy mesh i ripped out of elite force 2 (i was that desperate to find one) which... whilst its "anatomically" correct... doesnt have proper textures or detailing for me to get things like door sizing correct etc :)