Quick instructions on how to position the Assembly Facility arms.

I added Inverse Kinematics to make this easier. This means that when you rotate one part of an arm, the rest moves with it. The original .PRJ version by Eric Peterson doesn't have this feature, so this tutorial won't apply to that one. Use the 3DS or MAX mesh on my page for this tutorial. This doen't mean this mesh is mine; it's Eric Petersons. The Enterprise-C mesh is Jörg Gerlachs. Ofcourse you can use any ship you like, but a ship with a round saucer section works best.

I also suggest you group the ship mesh together and the McKinly station together, so you can easily switch between them, without having to pick out all the parts. Practically all MAX files on my page are already grouped. This tutorial assumes you have some experience in 3DSMAX, but I'll try to explain everything in enough detail to make it understandable to beginners as well.

To start:

Tutorial made on 03-10-1998 (dd-mm-yyyy) by Erik Timmermans. Copyright (C) 1998 Erik Timmermans.
The Enterprise-C mesh used in the screenshots is (C) Jörg Gerlach. The McKinley station is (C) Eric Peterson.