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Friday, 30th of March 2018
The STMC code has been upgraded to PHP7. Since it's a bit of a patchwork; please let me know if there are any issues.

Wednesday, 28th of March 2018
In addition, Citrillux has released his non-canon U.S.S. Hellbender design. You might have seen it in the forums.
It's available in OBJ format, here is a shot:

Thanks for the release!

Tuesday, 27th of March 2018
The USS Tempest mesh download has been updated to include textures, to get them please redownload the OBJ file.

Monday, 19th of March 2018
The STMC was built to help everyone expand their creative horizons, and Viper has done just that by building a side-scrolling Star Trek game: Star Trek: Enterprise Defense. It's released now, have a go through his site. Enjoy!

Monday, 5th of March 2018
As you may have seen in the forums, Citrillux released his U.S.S. Tempest non-canon mesh. An original design well fitted to it's era.

It's in the download section, and here is a shot:

Thanks to Citrillux for making it available!

Tuesday, 23rd of January 2018
Hi All,
I've moved the STMC to a new hosting provider. It's now available by HTTPS, though the site internally keeps putting you back on HTTP for now. That'll be fixed over the coming days.
Most importantly; please let me know through email or the board if you find any issues at all. There is bound to be some!

Saturday, 13th of January 2018
As seen in the forums, Kirtemor updated his Enterprise-H mesh and has released it to the STMC. The download (OBJ format) has been updated; here's the new result:

Thanks to Kirtemor for the update!

Wednesday, 26th of July 2017
As you may have seen in the forums, Kirtemor took his STX mesh and evolved it into the Vanguard class. He's made it available in OBJ format, you can locate it using the 3DS format download. Here's a shot:

Thanks to Kirtemor for the release!

Wednesday, 28th of June 2017
Billy-home has just added the C4D versions of the Hydra and Klingon D8 meshes, and they are now available for download. Thanks once again!

Saturday, 24th of June 2017
Newdivide1701 released another mesh, as you may have seen in the forums. In his own words:

"Basically it's a mesh where if Andrew Probert's USS Enterprise from the Motion Picture were reverse engineered to the TOS era with numerous elements taken from the Kelvin timeline. It also includes 3 different types of bridge housing.

1-Abrams bridge with a large viewport on the front.
2-Ready room style where it has 2 viewports on the front and the bridge is below the high resolution sensor array and surrounded by port and starboard briefing rooms and the 2 viewports is the Captain's ready room. If Archer had one, why not April, Pike or Kirk?
3-Pike bridge where it has the traditional bridge housing that has a very low resolution bridge mock up, but can be replaced with a higher resolution TOS bridge rotated 36 degrees to port.

The bridge housings are interchangeable in a way like how the bridge module was attached to the Enterprise-A from Star Trek Beyond.

The ship in a way is a bridge between the TOS and the Kelvin timeline that flows more smoothly with the eventual refitted Enterprise from TMP where you see the structure, but you also see the changes to the ship. And trying to avoid making it look like a cheesy kitbash."

Thanks to Newdivide1701 for making it available!

Wednesday, 31st of May 2017
It's been some time (my fault, sorry!) since Billy offered his concept ships up for hosting here. Finally the LWO versions are live now, and this adds three ships:
The USS Hydra:

The USS Basalisk:

The Klingon D8 cuiser:

More formats to follow soon, they are being tested. Thanks to Billy for the release!

Sunday, 21st of May 2017
Newdivide1701 kindly released his alternative Miranda class. In his own words, not exactly TOS or Kelvin timeline but in between. Many thanks for uploading it to the STMC!

Sunday, 21st of May 2017
Michel Rogriguez posted in the forum some time ago, offering his Shuttlepod One Blender mesh. He built it while he is working on the longer term project of the full NX-01. Note that to look for this mesh you need to have 3DS selected as a format, this is a site limitation. Thanks to him for the release and his patience, here is a shot:

Saturday, 22nd of April 2017
After a switch of provider infrastructure (a must for an eventual site upgrade), there was some downtime. There still may be some bugs, please do let me know if so!

Friday, 25th of September 2015
As seen in the forums, Spencer has announced the launch of his Enterprise-A! This original design has now been released. It's the final reworked version available on the download page. The modelling was done by Raul, and the reworks by Luke Wilkins and Chris Adams of HardWire Productions. This is the result:

Thanks to all involved for making this release possible!

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