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Saturday, 22nd of April 2017
After a switch of provider infrastructure (a must for an eventual site upgrade), there was some downtime. There still may be some bugs, please do let me know if so!

Friday, 25th of September 2015
As seen in the forums, Spencer has announced the launch of his Enterprise-A! This original design has now been released. It's the final reworked version available on the download page. The modelling was done by Raul, and the reworks by Luke Wilkins and Chris Adams of HardWire Productions. This is the result:

Thanks to all involved for making this release possible!

Monday, 22nd of June 2015
For the Adventures of the USS Victory, Raul modelled the Starbase 42. He has now released it here!
Since it was created specifically for a top-shot, the bottom of the mesh is less polished than the top. When used from the intended angles, it is suitable for a beauty-shot though:

Thanks to Raul for making it available here!

Sunday, 24th of May 2015
Clifton shared his Blender conversion of the damaged Constitution class U.S.S. Constellation (by Raul) in the forums. He has kindly offered it on the download page, where it is now available! Many thanks to him for the conversion.

Friday, 22nd of May 2015
Spence has made an additional version of the 1701-A mesh available, in MAX2011 format. This one was reworked by Luke Wilkins and lighting done by Chris Adams of HardWire Productions. It's been added to the download page for the mesh.

Friday, 8th of May 2015
Raul has kindly reworked his collaborated Enterprise-A (Spence design) to a 3DS version that does not have the reported normal alignment problem. If you had problems using the OBJ version before (rendering 'holes' in the mesh), please try this reworked version! Many thanks to Raul for taking time and correct this conversion!

Monday, 27th of April 2015
Medjai has updated his mesh of the Oberth class U.S.S. Dumont. The update adds more detail and a more modern appearance. Only the MAX version has been updated. Many thanks for the update to Medjai! Here is the new result:

Saturday, 21st of March 2015
Raul has released his model of the U.S.S. Enterprise-A design by Spencer Perdriau. Both the design and the model are of excellent quality, as you can see in the image below:

Thanks to Raul and Spencer for making it available!

Wednesday, 11th of March 2015
Thomas Brow liked the colour scheme of the Constitution refit mesh by Al Dinalt. And he also liked Rauls mesh of it. So he combined the two and made it available as a Blender mesh. It's now for download under Rauls mesh listing. Here's a shot:

Thanks to Thomas for making it available!

Monday, 9th of February 2015
Today, David "Knightrider" Metlesits has sparked some new life into the STMC, with the release of some of his best meshes. He made the selection based on availability in the public design, or (good) non-canon design. As such, the following meshes are now available for download in MAX format:

Luna Class

Negh'var Class

NX-01 Enterprise

NX-01 Season 5 Refit

Olympic Class

Soyuz Class

TNG Borg Cube

VOY Borg Cube

Vesta Class

Vor'cha Class

Many thanks to David for making these high-quality meshes available on the STMC!

Monday, 5th of January 2015
TrekkieGal broke radio silence on this site by kindly offering her DAZ3D conversions of the Prometheus (by Ed Giddings), Phobos (by Mattymanx) and Saber (by Dan Huling). These have all been downloaded to the respective download pages. In the process, I noticed that the Prometheus was listed as PromeNtheus, which is now corrected.
Thanks to TrekkieGal for making these conversions available!

Thursday, 17th of July 2014
As you may have seen in the forums, Mavek dropped by to offer the original LWO version of the Interceptor class.
The download page has been updated to include the new download link and the thumbnails have been refreshed. Of course, the MAX and Poser conversions are still online as well.
Here's a shot of the original Lightwave model:

Thanks to Mavek for adding this original version!

Monday, 19th of May 2014
James Logan kindly supplied the STMC with his Sphinx M1 Workpod. It's available in 3DSMAX 2013 format. Here's a shot:

Thanks to James for making it available!

Thursday, 17th of April 2014
You may already have seen it in the forums: John has released his mesh of the NX-Beta, as seen in ENT: First Flight. He has published it in many formats, of which 3DS, LWO, OBJ and Blender are hosted here. Here is a shot:

Thanks to John for making it available!

Wednesday, 12th of March 2014
TCB5000 has released another Blender conversion, this time of the USS Stargazer by Raul. It's available on the download page!
Many thanks to him for the work and release.

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