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Wednesday, 11th of March 2015
Thomas Brow liked the colour scheme of the Constitution refit mesh by Al Dinalt. And he also liked Rauls mesh of it. So he combined the two and made it available as a Blender mesh. It's now for download under Rauls mesh listing. Here's a shot:

Thanks to Thomas for making it available!

Monday, 9th of February 2015
Today, David "Knightrider" Metlesits has sparked some new life into the STMC, with the release of some of his best meshes. He made the selection based on availability in the public design, or (good) non-canon design. As such, the following meshes are now available for download in MAX format:

Luna Class

Negh'var Class

NX-01 Enterprise

NX-01 Season 5 Refit

Olympic Class

Soyuz Class

TNG Borg Cube

VOY Borg Cube

Vesta Class

Vor'cha Class

Many thanks to David for making these high-quality meshes available on the STMC!

Monday, 5th of January 2015
TrekkieGal broke radio silence on this site by kindly offering her DAZ3D conversions of the Prometheus (by Ed Giddings), Phobos (by Mattymanx) and Saber (by Dan Huling). These have all been downloaded to the respective download pages. In the process, I noticed that the Prometheus was listed as PromeNtheus, which is now corrected.
Thanks to TrekkieGal for making these conversions available!

Thursday, 17th of July 2014
As you may have seen in the forums, Mavek dropped by to offer the original LWO version of the Interceptor class.
The download page has been updated to include the new download link and the thumbnails have been refreshed. Of course, the MAX and Poser conversions are still online as well.
Here's a shot of the original Lightwave model:

Thanks to Mavek for adding this original version!

Monday, 19th of May 2014
James Logan kindly supplied the STMC with his Sphinx M1 Workpod. It's available in 3DSMAX 2013 format. Here's a shot:

Thanks to James for making it available!

Thursday, 17th of April 2014
You may already have seen it in the forums: John has released his mesh of the NX-Beta, as seen in ENT: First Flight. He has published it in many formats, of which 3DS, LWO, OBJ and Blender are hosted here. Here is a shot:

Thanks to John for making it available!

Wednesday, 12th of March 2014
TCB5000 has released another Blender conversion, this time of the USS Stargazer by Raul. It's available on the download page!
Many thanks to him for the work and release.

Thursday, 27th of February 2014
TCB5000 has tweaked his Blender version of the Abrahams Enterprise. It's now updated in the download section!

Wednesday, 26th of February 2014
Today sees the release of the Blender and MAX meshes of the new Enterprise, as seen in the JJ Abrams movies. The original was made by MadMan and kindly released here today. A MAX conversion done by Dave Metlesits is also available.
Initiating the release is a modified and tweaked Blender version, the tweaking done by TCB5000.

Thanks to all above for the release!

Monday, 24th of February 2014
As you may have seen in the forums, TCB5000 has released Blender conversions of two of Rauls meshes: the Reliant and the TOS Enterprise. These are now available in the download section.

In addition, he has made available his Earth for Blender (the planet, that is), which is available in the download section under the Earth mesh.
Thanks to TCB5000 for making these available!

Tuesday, 3rd of December 2013
Raul has allowed the hosting of what in his words is one of his old meshes. It's the Fesarius, the Flagship of the First Federation, as seen in TOS: The Corbomite Maneuver. A very nice addition to the rare early ships seen in TOS!

Thanks to Raul for making it available!

Friday, 15th of November 2013
Hi all,

As earlier this year, there may be some issues coming up with the STMC hosting provider. This could lead to the site going offline next week (the 20th of November). It is NOT the fault of Genotec, but rather a miscommunication about the origins of the STMC.

I will endevour to keep it online, and have backups in case something does go wrong. Rest assured that I will try to keep the site going if it will not be too much expense.

If the site goes offline and I bring it back later, I will use the registered email database for the forums to mail new details. However, my intention is to try and keep the Trekmeshes site service uninterrupted.

A request to you all -- if the site goes down and you read queries about it in other forums, please inform people of the status and the intention to stay online.

Many thanks,

Wednesday, 14th of August 2013
Raul has released one of his older meshes, which could be of good use in some stills or animations: The Regula Moon as seen in ST: The Wrath of Khan. Here is a shot:

The mesh is available as an OBJ download; you can find it using any of the download formats in the mesh search engine.
Thanks to Raul for making it available!

Friday, 26th of July 2013
The Enterprise-D conversion below has been updated to fix some issues reported in the forums. Many thanks!

Thursday, 18th of July 2013
Fabio A. Correa has created a .Blender conversion of the USS Enterprise 1701-D mesh by David Metlesits. You may have seen it in the forums, here is a shot:

Many thanks to Fabio for making it available to all!

Tuesday, 9th of July 2013
As you may have seen in the forums, Al Dinelt has released his NCC-1701 from TMP for download on the STMC. It is available as OBJ and as such loadable in most 3D software. Here's a promo; please visit the forums to see some close-ups including interiors!

Thanks to Al Dinelt for making the mesh available!

Friday, 28th of June 2013
As announced in the forums, today sees the release of Kirtemors STX-1701-H Styx class design mesh. This was created in Daz and is released as OBJ. Therefore, to find it you can use any of the download formats in the mesh search engine.

The STX-1701-H was, in Kirtemors storyline, an experimental Transwarp ship that lay abandoned for almost a century during a war. It was renamed Enterprise in memory of the lost Enterprise-G.

Here's a shot:

Thanks to Kirtemor for making it available!

Thursday, 20th of June 2013
My apologies for the recent downtime. This was due to some issues which have now been resolved. Thanks for all your patience!

Wednesday, 29th of May 2013
Today sees the slightly delayed hosting of Chainsaw_NL's latest work: The Remmler array. Many of you have already seen this in the forums; it's a very accurate take on this array that is used for a baryon sweep of the Enterprise in TNG episode Starship Mine. Many screenshots are available in the forums, but here's an example:

Thanks to Chainsaw for making it available on the STMC!

Friday, 26th of April 2013
Sam Wich has offered his Lightwave conversion of the Nova class for download. The conversion is clean but the registration didn't make it through. For his own use Sam has put USS Resolution on it, and the download includes a blank mesh for your own registration. Here's a post-edited shot of the conversion:

Thanks to Sam for making the conversion available!

Sunday, 17th of March 2013
Today sees the release of another of Raul's masterpieces: the Nova class U.S.S. Equinox, in MAX and OBJ formats. This science ship was seen in the Voyager episode of the same name, with it's crew in a difficult moral situation....

Many thanks, once again, to Raul for making this mesh available to all of us!

Wednesday, 27th of February 2013
James Logan has kitbased Dave Metlesits mesh into a Starfleet outpost, a variation on the Office complex. He's made the mesh available on the STMC; it was created in MAX2013 (x64).
Here's a shot:

Thanks to James for making it available!

Tuesday, 1st of January 2013
And the first in 2013 is a Poser conversion by Mattymanx. He has converted the Galileo shuttlecraft and crew, originally modelled by Raul. The shuttle can use both default and custom mappings.

These are now available as a single download. Thanks to Mattymanx!

Saturday, 29th of December 2012
Due to a mistake on my part, a new mesh by Raul was only partially added to the site before Christmas... Sorry! It was available for download but not fully listed in the news or latest meshes section. Anyway, he has worked on destroying his Constellation and then released the Damaged Constellation mesh:

Thanks to Raul for making it available, and sorry for the mix-up!

Saturday, 22nd of December 2012
Just before Christmas, another conversion by Mattymanx, the TOS Enterprise by Raul:

All thanks for the conversion go to Mattymanx!

Wednesday, 19th of December 2012
And more conversions by Mattymanx! Actually, in this case it's an updated conversion of the Enterprise-E mesh by Paul Trenkler. Here is a shot:

All thanks to Mattymanx!

Sunday, 16th of December 2012
Mattymanx never gives up and today sees the release of another Poser conversion - the Constitution Refit (NCC 1701-A) by Raul. As a bonus he released the STMC logo as a separate prop. A shot below:

Many thanks to Mattymanx!

Tuesday, 11th of December 2012
Mattymanx has released his Poser conversion of Raul's Doomsday mesh. This is a prop with no moving parts. Doomsday is coming!

Thanks to Mattymanx for the release!

Tuesday, 4th of December 2012
Mattymanx has released two more of his well known Poser conversions to the STMC today. The first is the good old Dauntless, a conversion of the one hosted here by Ramiel.
The second is the Clydesdale by Raul, now available in Poser, here's a shot:

Many thanks to Mattymanx for these two conversions!

Thursday, 29th of November 2012
Catherine3678a has released the visor prop she created for Poser. It fits M4 and similar types. Two variants are included:

Because of limitations of the STMC, empty 3DS, MAX, COB and LWO links will appear. Please use the dedicated Poser link at the bottom. Many thanks for Catherine for the release!

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