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Tuesday, 22nd of May 2012
Today sees the release of the S.S. Valiant by VIDSFX, as you have seen it in the forums. He has created this mesh using the scarce references available, and has done an excellent job. Some more background on the work can be read in the forums. The mesh is available in MAX format, and looks as follows:

Many thanks to VIDSFX for the release! This gesture is much appreciated by the STMC :).

Friday, 18th of May 2012
Kindly offered for hosting by Dave Charnow, today sees the release of his U.S.S. Defiant mesh. It's a more detailed, LWO, version of what has been hosted here before. Here's a shot to show off what I mean:

Thanks to Dave for the release!

Thursday, 10th of May 2012
James Logan was looking for more variety in the available TOS style travelpods. So he grabbed Dave Metlesits' Galileo shuttlecraft, and kitbashed it into this travelpod style craft. This was already available at DeviantArt, and now also here:

Thanks to James for the release!

Friday, 27th of April 2012
And today... another release by Raul! He has revisited the Workbee, now changing the substructure names for more clarity, and also adding far more details. This version has the arms attached instead of the cargo train. Here's a shot:

Thanks to Raul, once more. And enjoy!

Wednesday, 11th of April 2012
Raul has released his Workbee plus cargotrain meshes, which he has optimised for animation. In this respect they may be called simple, but I would argue that they are still very accurate and advanced meshes:

Thanks again to Raul for releasing his fine work!

Wednesday, 7th of March 2012
We've already seen Rauls Travelpod in action in the animation work of Chris (if you haven't -- check it out now!). Today sees the STMC release of this mesh, created for animation work mostly:

Thanks to Raul for the release!

Monday, 13th of February 2012
Back in 2005 Steven Davis released his Magellan class mesh, and this mesh is still alive! Mattymax has once again done a conversion, and this mesh is now available for download in Poser format.
He has also converted a lot of other meshes into Poser, but hosting those has run into a delay due to me. Apologies to him and all potential users; I'll work on getting them in soon!

Saturday, 28th of January 2012
Today sees the release of Chainsaw_NL's Caretaker Array from Voyager. You may have seen the progress of building this mesh in the forums, and now Chainsaw has released it for all to enjoy. Thanks to him for the release!

Here's a shot:

Friday, 25th of November 2011
Today sees the release of the Miranda class U.S.S. Reliant, by Raul. We all know the quality to expect :). In addition to the full-quality mesh, Raul has also released a medium resolution version for real-time renderers. In the forums you can see some shots of the creation process, and here is the result:

Thanks once again to Raul for this early Chrismas present!

Friday, 21st of October 2011
As seen in the forums, today sees the STMC release of BERmaestro's APC:

Thanks to BERmaestro for this release! The full specs of this APC are listed in the readme file.

Tuesday, 18th of October 2011
Today, I was able to host here several meshes by Devid Metlesits. He has created many meshes of different ships, some canon, some original. The quality of his work is generally high and he has some good takes on classics, like the Galaxy class. The easiest way of looking at his additions is by entering Metlesits in the search options screen, so you see them all. They are all in MAX format. A couple of shots to tease:

Thanks to David for these releases!

Thursday, 6th of October 2011
Mark Kingsnorth has given permission to host the MAX version of the Insigna, Ascension and Hawking class on this server. Thanks!

Wednesday, 31st of August 2011
Another Mark Kingsnorth conversion by Matthew; this time the Ascension class. As before, the originals are for download on Marks site, but Matthew has made the Poser conversion available here. Here's a promo:

Thanks Matthew!

Monday, 29th of August 2011
Matthew has been at it again; now converting the Borg Sphere by Maxpayn for use in Poser. It's available on the download page. Thanks Matthew!

Monday, 29th of August 2011
Mark Kingsnorth has given his permission for Matthew to host Poser conversions of the Hawking and Insigna class meshes. Since they are available in MAX on this site, you can find them on the download pages here using MAX format.

However, the Poser conversion download can then also be found on that page, thanks to Matthew. Some shots:

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