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Tuesday, 19th of July 2011
Matthew released three Poser conversions today; the U.S.S. Voyager mesh by Sarod, the Voyager bridge by Raul (with additional work done by Catherine3678), and finally the good old mesh of the Excelsior by Eric Peterson. This will make these meshes available for those using free software, thanks for their work.

Friday, 15th of July 2011
The MAX version of the Stargazer by Raul had somehow become corrupted on the site. This has been corrected and the MAX version is working normal now. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Wednesday, 6th of July 2011
Matthew exported the Voyager bridge to 3DS and OBJ. Especially OBJ is unprocessed for now; but it should help everybody load this into their favorite 3D package!

Thursday, 23rd of June 2011
Today is the long-awaited release of Chainsaws Voyager Bridge! So far it's available for 3DSMax 2011 only, so anyone that can help make conversions, please help out on this one. Those that have 3DSMax2011, enjoy! Thanks to Chainsaw for releasing this mesh, that is the result of a year's work!

Thursday, 2nd of June 2011
Luis Picolo and Raul Mamoru designed, created and today released their interpretation of the XCV Ring Ship. When Star Trek was mostly still ideas in Gene Roddenberry's head, two ship designs by Matt Jefferies preceded what we now know as the Constitution class; the Enterprise NCC-1701. The first design was rejected by Gene as he felt is was too close to a flying saucer. The second, a "Ring Ship" was also rejected by Gene. However, Luis and Raul worked on this idea and here is what they believe the ship would have looked like, if Gene had accepted the Ring Ship design:

It's available in 3DS, OBJ and MAX, and you can of course render it in full colour :). Thanks to Luis and Raul for the release!

Monday, 30th of May 2011
Raul has revisited the Stargazer mesh and found mesh errors, which he fixed. And he released the fixed high-poly mesh in all three formats. I've just uploaded all three.

Thursday, 12th of May 2011
Catherine3678a has converted the Stargazer by Raul to CR2, and has made it available here. Credits and thanks to Catherine for the conversion work!

Sunday, 8th of May 2011
For those that had problems opening the 3DS version of the Stargazer, Raul has kindly uploaded an OBJ version. It's available on the download page!

Thursday, 5th of May 2011
Today sees the release of the low-polygon version of Raul's Stargazer, as well as an update to the high-polygon version to correct some errors. Thanks for the release!

Thursday, 28th of April 2011
Today Raul released his U.S.S. Stargazer mesh. He started this mesh to help out on a computer game project, but this got cancelled. Fortunately he finished and released the high-polygon mesh!

Thanks Raul!

Wednesday, 16th of March 2011
Having taken waaaaayyyyyy too long, I have finally gotten around to hosting almost all of Kenny Mitchell's meshes from Kennyscrap.com. There are too many to list, but you can easily find them if you enter Kenny Mitchell in the search field when going to the mesh section. Thanks to Kenny for allowing all these to be hosted here!

Here are some samples:

Monday, 14th of March 2011
I finally had the time to upload Mike's V'Ger mesh today! A lot of his time and effort went into creating this mesh and making it as accurate as possible. Not only by comparing with the Motion Picture, but even with the help of Steve Burg himself! It's available in 3DS, COB, LWO and OBJ. Thanks Mike!

Wednesday, 26th of January 2011
He announced it some time ago, but I only had time today to finalise the hosting: Raul's Genesis device. It's available in MAX, and let's say it's a good thing that this torpedo only exists in your computer!

Thursday, 20th of January 2011
You may have seen this in the forums, but James Trexler has released his Ambassador class mesh in OBJ format. It's now hosted! The 3D modelled detail on this mesh can make for some nice atmospheric shots. Here's a showcase:

Thanks to James for sharing this mesh!

Tuesday, 21st of December 2010
You may have seen his work in this baby progressing in the forums; Unusualsuspex has released his Starfleet Museum Orbital Annexe to the STMC. It's available in MAX (2010) format. In case you haven't seen it, here's a shot:

Thanks to Unusualsuspex!

Friday, 17th of December 2010
For those that want to see some of the recently released meshes in action, head over to Project Potemkin! Their first Episode "The old guys" is now online to tell us why we don't want to get old :). Enjoy!

Monday, 13th of December 2010
James Trexler has decided to release his Type 24 shuttlecraft instead of simply retiring it. He's hoping to see his shuttle in images created around the world (with credit, of course!). The release is in OBJ format which should be readable by pretty much all software.
Here's one of his own images:

Wednesday, 8th of December 2010
Raul has been so kind to offer another one of his meshes, this time it's a 3DSMax9 mesh of the Doomsday machine as seen in TOS. Not all that much imagery is available to base this mesh on, but Raul did a really nice job of getting this as close as possible. Judge for yourself by downloading!

Sunday, 14th of November 2010
Lucasus took a single drawing of the Goodson design (one designed for but never used in First Contact), and imagined it into a 3D mesh! Now that it's finished, he has kindly offered it for download at the STMC. Here's a shot (you may have seen it in the forums):

Thanks to Lucasos for publishing it here!

Sunday, 7th of November 2010
Chainsaw finished his in-between inspiration gathering project; the Jupiter Station. And decided to release it to the STMC for download. Below is an example, more images are in the forums. Enjoy!

Thanks to Chainsaw for making it available!

Wednesday, 3rd of November 2010
Raul has offered his 3DSMAX9 rework of Eric Peterson's U.S.S. Enterprise-A mesh for download on this site. It is the mesh Eric originally made, but remapped and recoloured. This is in thanks to the inspiring work that Eric did, as he undoubtedly inspired many people to start modelling Trek!

Saturday, 16th of October 2010
Raul has offered another mesh for download, the Clydesdale craft. He created it for use inside his Spacedock below, and its detail level is geared towards that. It should help you create lively animations or pictures inside the dock!

Here's a preview:

Thanks again to Raul!

Monday, 30th of August 2010
Matthew converted the Spacedock below to Poser / DAZ Studio format. The download is now available!

Tuesday, 24th of August 2010
And another mesh added, courtesy of Raul. He's really giving the STMC some much-needed attention, thanks! This time it is the Federation Stardock complete with a basic interior and different logo's on each bay door. It's a very definite upgrade from the older Stardock meshes on the site:

Thanks go to Raul!

Thursday, 17th of June 2010
Raul has uploaded the 3DS version of his Constitution Refit!

Monday, 7th of June 2010
Courtesy of Raul Mamoru, the STMC features another new mesh! This one is the NCC-1701-A Consitution refit. This adds another refit next to Eric Peterson's mesh, however this one is more realistic and detailed. Judge for yourself:

Thanks to Raul for making it available to the STMC!

Monday, 12th of April 2010
Finally! Cassio noticed the STMC has been too quiet lately and decided to so something about it :). He offered the Enterprise-B he build together with Medjai up for hosting on the STMC. Here's an example of the mesh, which is in MAX 2009 (and later) format only:


Please read the included readme file for more information and terms of use. And enjoy!

Sunday, 2nd of August 2009

Finally a new mesh has been added today! It's a Federation Generic hallway that could also be used for other races.

Here's a shot:

Thanks to Sam Wich for making it available!

Tuesday, 10th of March 2009
It has taken far longer than I wanted to, but the forums are back online and I managed to retain all the posts and users that were in it before. In the process the public gallery has been updated to accept newly registered users again, and I've increased the size limit on images in the gallery to 512kB.

In the background work on a completely redesigned STMC is slowly progressing, so in short: yes, I'm still alive!

Sunday, 24th of February 2008
We added a new mesh today: U.S.S Dumont, by Medjai.

It's available in 3DS and MAX, and here is a shot of the new mesh:

Thanks to Medjai for making it available!

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