Perimeter Action - Akyazi Group - USS Akitsu

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Perimeter Action - Akyazi Group - USS Akitsu

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This field of modeling is new to me and I have only a couple months of experience in it but so far I love it.

I'm currently building a new model of the Arbiter Class, Perimeter Action series ships concept originated (as far as I know) by T.A. Guenther.

I recently finished an Akyazi Class, registered as the USS-Akitsu and have submitted it for sale (currently in review) on Turbosquid.
The Akitsu has over 73k polies and 149k vertices.
Thus far it's only set with standard mats as I'm still learning how to make meshes and control UV mapping.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Re: Perimeter Action - Akyazi Group - USS Akitsu

Post by Erik_Timmermans »

Very nice! Double so since you're so new to it! Looking forward to your work.
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