Site Links need a major cleanup

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Site Links need a major cleanup

Post by count23 »

Hey there Erik,

I happened to go through the links yesterday, half of them link to dead domains or malware sites now, it may be worth doing a quick once over and removing dodgy domains?
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Re: Site Links need a major cleanup

Post by Erik_Timmermans »

Hi, you're absolutely right!

It hasn't happened yet, as I have about half a site as replacement ready. So I haven't really updated the current one anymore. The problem is, that I have too little time to finish it :( . But this winter hopefully I might be able to.

Most sites in the links have gone for the same reason, no-one to maintain them. I'm going to keep on it to keep Trekmeshes online :D

Thanks for the heads-up though, I'll soon have a look through to at least delete the dead links, that's not much work.
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