Removing Glows in 3DMax

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Removing Glows in 3DMax

Post by BerniceD »

Hey everyone,

Okay, I just downloaded the demo for 3D Max to see if it's something I might want to purchase in the future, anyway, I'm very new to it. I wanted to know how I can remove the glows from my ship models. Bryce won't recognize them so I would like to replace the Nacelle/Deflectors with a plain blue/red texture. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you for your help.

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Re: Removing Glows in 3DMax

Post by starship »

Why you need to remove the glow? I believe it will be self removed in the conversion process. The 3DS file won´t carry the effect, and I believe that obj won´t carry too. In Bryce, you´ll need to reapply all the textures.
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Re: Removing Glows in 3DMax

Post by Chainsaw_NL »

glow is added in different ways in max but mostly its not a texture. Textures can be selff illuminating in max which you can turn off in the material editor. Glow is usualy added in the effects (8) layout as a material id number or in the video post as a glow. Or (rarely) as a volumetric light. So any export to a different program usualy doesn't show up.

What model are you lookin at.
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