Making a ship look damaged

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Making a ship look damaged

Post by nick_b »

Hello all,

I want to create the effect of a battle damaged ship using an existing model in 3DS max 2010.

What would be the best way of doing this? ideally I want to create wholes with broken bits of the ship visible.

Thank you
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Re: Making a ship look damaged

Post by Chainsaw_NL »

There are several ways of doing it. You can use a plugin called rayfire but its not free. Another way is to make it yourself. An old way i used was to make a shape the size of the hole. And cut it in your model with the boolian operation. Then load the hole up with junk meshes and model out the explosion. I think there is a modifier for explosions too. You could also add a particle bomb or get stock footage of an explosion and add it later in a program like after effects. It all depends on the level of detail you want to create.
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Re: Making a ship look damaged

Post by starship »

It´s not perfect, but is a beggining:
A bit more of inspiration: ... struction/
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