A Very Simple Way To Create A Warp Starfield

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A Very Simple Way To Create A Warp Starfield

Post by troy2000 »

I spent nearly an hour last night trying to create a good warp starfield effects with no results, that is, until I though of this. When you use particle effects as stars, it is very difficult to get them to stretch, the way they should. When you increase the drop size in max, they get WAY too big in the final render.

This new method produces some good results :).

First, create a particle "Spray" and position it so that stars are flying in the direction of the camera. It is best to place the emitter a good distance away from the camera, this way stars will not seem to simply "appear", they will slowly fade into the scene. Next adjust the speed and size settings to whatever you think looks best. Speed and size are the only settings you need to modify. Now you will need to set a background for your scene, for this method, use the least dense starfield image you can find. In the show, many stars in the background do not move, so it makes the effect look much better. When your background is set, open the "Animation" window and choose "make preview". In the new window, enable the following features:


Particle Systems,


Finally, choose a resolution, codec and click create.
This will render a decent warp starfield which you can use in image or videos. :D
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Post by Borg Queen »

Nice. This one will come in handy.
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Re: A Very Simple Way To Create A Warp Starfield

Post by Chainsaw_NL »

Hi, although it's one way of doing it i cant get it to look nice. It still looks like triangles. So i started looking for an other ways of making it and found that 2 long cylinders with a long starmap http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/6711 ... tars08.png worked best. Then i animated the maps offset and ended up with something looking like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDWyxE-eMcE
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