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What is this section for -- please read this before posting

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 2:37 pm
by Erik_Timmermans
The Mesh moderators maintain the mesh database in the STMC. In other words, they add and remove downloads from this site.

What can you do in this forum?
  • - If you have a mesh to upload, please create a topic for it in this forum.
    - If you know of a mesh somewhere out there that isn't yet for download here, please create a topic for it.
    - If you'd like a conversion of an existing mesh, please create a topic. Please keep in mind that not all conversions are possible, and they don't always turn out well. Very good conversions take a lot of time and the moderators might not have that time available.
    - At no time can there be any money transactions here. Please don't offer to pay money, or ask money for helping out. This is a free mesh collection!
A mesh moderator will respond to your thread and look into it asap!

Mesh Moderators:

Me -
I've created and have been running the STMC since 1997.

FoxGirlJade -
I've known Jade for some time and she's been around on these forums. She has modelled some really good stuff of which some is available for download on the STMC. She can load/render almost anything which makes her perfect for the job.

Troy2000 -
You all know Troy! He's been a bit more visible than Jade and so needs less introduction. I know he can render well and he's up to the job.

The mesh moderators can add, edit and delete meshes from the STMC. They are seperate from the forum moderators (ie Enzolima and me). You can contact either them or me concerning new meshes you've made or know of. You can do so directly or though the new meshes forum.[/list][/list]