States Class Assault Cruisers

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States Class Assault Cruisers

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Has anyone has seen the States Class Assault Cruisers ,and how do like it.
The States-class succeeded the Kolm-an as the Federation's heavy assault cruiser design.
This large assault cruiser is equipped with a strong armament of four medium phasers and eight photon torpedoes.
Despite its firepower, the States Assault Cruiser is rarely committed to battle due to its expense and rarity.
Rather, the intended use of its photon torpedoes arsenal is in planetary bombardment operations.
The States Assault Cruisers were never built in great numbers, but remained important assault units throughout the early 24th Century.
During the Dominion War, the efforts of the States Assault Cruisers were overshadowed by those of the far more numerous Excelsior Class Cruisers.

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