Daedalus class

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Daedalus class

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Working on my next model, again something simple - the Daedalus class starship. The first starship of this design entered service in 2160, one year before the founding of the Federation, just at the end of the Earth-Romulan war. The class was intially in service with the United Earth Starfleet and later was the mainstay of the Federation Starfleet's exploratory wing until the late 22nd century, rather shorter than the 45+ year hull life envisioned, allegedly due to reactor issues causing ships to be lost while exploring the frontiers of known space.

I'm going to do 2 decal versions, the United Earth version and the UFP version. I'm using all available reference images of study models to create an accurate model and going to try and do an NX-Enterprise-like exterior hull finish.

So far I have completed the engine nacelles:

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Re: Daedalus class

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Looks like it's going to be another sweet one. :)

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