Star Trek 3D models .obj Conversion ??

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Star Trek 3D models .obj Conversion ??

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Hello there.

I'm not a pro with 3D, i only begening to make little cool animations.
I just would to know if it is possible to someone to convert somes meshes in .obj format.
I only can use .obj for now.
I would have the NX-01 ENTERPRISE, the USS Enterprise-E, the Earth spacedock (the same we see in Star Trek Online), and some other models..
And, if someone have the texture map for the .obj NX-BETA, can i have it ? The .obj only have one material but no texture included.

Thanks in advance, i would try to make a cool fan film about Star Trek for 2016, for the 50th anniversary, and i'll have to use 3D ^^.

Good continuation to all of you, thanks for models !!
Live long and prosper.
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