Display ships on sketchfab

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Duke Blitzein
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Display ships on sketchfab

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I've got five credits on my sketchfab account and would like to display five Star Trek ships.I would post them to be viewed, but not to be downloaded and or purchased. I will put in the description of the name of the author and mesh author, if any, and a link to www.trekmeshes.ch for each ship.

I would like to display:

a Klingon Bird of Prey and or the Vorcha and or the Neighvar
a Romulan Warbird
a Cardassian ship
a federation medical ship
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Re: Display ships on sketchfab

Post by Erik_Timmermans »


Thanks for checking about this! That'd be great; it is completely in line with the restrictions set by the mesh authors. It's always good to see the meshes used and displayed around!
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