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Raul Mamoru
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3ds - Exporting to - 3ds

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The misbehavior of Stargazer.3ds led me to a profound analysis on how to export in this format. :shock:

I found some interesting things that can improve the quality of meshes on this site.

When importing, the objects are totally out of place :| .
Why? :?: :?: :?:

Two factors may negatively influence the outcome of the import:
1. Normals (during the modeling process)
2. Pivot or Axis position of an object (in the act of exporting a mesh)

<<<To avoid the Normal confusion is necessary:
-Configuring 3ds Max.
Customize Menu -> Preferences ... > Viewport tab> [v] Backface Cull on Object Creation > [ok].>>>

During the modeling process, the normal is reversed when we apply the Mirror [>I<] - 3ds Max omits the reversal of normal :twisted: . The result of importing reveals this omission :evil: .
In this case it is important to apply to the copied object:
:!: 1. "ResetXForm" = Utilities tab list (the hammer icon on the right in Max interface) [Reset selected].
:!: 2. On the object, right-click and "Convert to ..."
:!: 3. From the Modifier List, select Normal, and "Convert to" again.

And continue with modeling, always observing these details: Mirror - ResetXForm - Normal.
*If you use the Mirror modifier, normals are not reversed.

Only to the act of exporting a 3ds mesh.
1. Select ALL objects that will be exported.
2. In Hierarchy tab (in the same line of Hammer icon tab) click [Affect Pivot Only], then click [Reset Pivot].
Now, you give a name to the mesh and select the format 3ds :P .

With this procedure I had success in exporting to 3ds format 8) .
(To import tests, I used Bryce7 PLE from DAZ3D.)

That's it! :mrgreen:
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