Fix-Ups for Spencer's Enterprise-A Mesh

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Fix-Ups for Spencer's Enterprise-A Mesh

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Okay Guys, I have given the mesh a good look over, and here are the fix-ups I have noticed that need to be done.
To save doing many multiple posts here, please follow this link to my FaceBook page where the updates are listed. My apologies for the low res compressed images here...

I have also updated the download link for the mesh under the "New Meshes" listing, but for your convenience, here is the link...!r0k3AQAR!VSEHkN3fA ... v02SwuDHNc

So if anyone is interested in doing this for me, please let me know.
Once finished, could you please send me back the completed Max file (2012) for me to inspect.

Many thanks in advance...
Spence (Kirk101)
"Actuality Is Always!"
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