Blender and Nova Class

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Father Cool
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Blender and Nova Class

Post by Father Cool »

Hi, I am new to blender and I downloaded the fantastic Nova class from here to do a short intro sequence using the ship. I downloaded the obj file and imported it into blender however all of the glows are a flat white with no way to target specific textures or materials that govern the glowing elements. In texture paint mode the correct textures are present however in render mode they are all flat white.

Nova Model View.jpg
Nova texture paint view.jpg
Nova Render View.jpg
What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Blender and Nova Class

Post by Erik_Timmermans »

--Hi and welcome!

Glows and other light effects aren't always added at render time; this varies per choice of the animator and the software used. They can be added if the renderer supports it, or using some after effects software. The choice of glow and glow type really depends on the scene which is why its not normally added in the mesh you download.

With blender, I've not used glow effects, so I'm not sure there what the best method is. But I do know that it can be done by Blender itself.

Several tutorials show up when searching for adding glow in blender. Node, or material based. I'd suggest trying some of those to see which effect best suits you! And hope to see the result.
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